Abstraction Aptitude Test

This test measures your abstraction and categorization abilities and contains 25 questions.

The first row contains « good » images.
The second row contains « bad » images.
You must find the two missing « good » images in the third line.

Find the images which are categorized as “good”.

Here is a sample :

Answers : #4 and #5 (images in the shape of an ‘A’ are good images, whilst the other ones are bad)

See examples & Take the test

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14 thoughts on “Abstraction Aptitude Test

  1. I’m not sure in the logic found at #16, #17 and #18 items, but I have all answers correct.

  2. hello,
    my name is Adrien, our teachers have proposed the 2010 prom to take your tests (we do not care because it’s the teacher’s money), my scores are quite awful but i don’t understand for exemple in abstraction test how you can say line A is good then B is not good and then line C has nothing to see with both lines, so we guess you are not a professionnal psychometrician because i was sampled at IQ 154 on the Stanford Binet test when i was in high school, so how can you fix your IQ numbers? to me it’s no good and what equation models are you using? is it bayesan free?
    and please give us all the correct answers on some site so that we can take it to the school psycho for him to judge the liability of your tests, thank you, Adrien 26 years old, last year of applied mechanics engineering in aerospace.

    • Hello,
      I think you have read too quickly the instructions for Abstraction test. Relax, re-read the examples and re-take the test.
      If you do not trust my tests, the best to do is to give them to close friends to check the test itself.
      I do not intend to give the correct answers but it seems that your teachers aced all my tests…

  3. I really don´t understand Nr. 23. Starring over one hour at this Question. Please help me. Thanks

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