7 thoughts on “Visual-D Aptitude Test

  1. « You must take at least 3 valid IQ Tests to get an estimation. »
    That’s what the ADM. gonna answer!

  2. Hello Mr Administrator,
    we’d like to thank you very much for your tests (we tried every single one) and we want to apologize for our excessive claims in favor of our friend GI_from France, fact is we’re a bunch of « prépa school » teachers in Toulouse and GI is the Maths teacher (i’m the Latin and Greek one), and GI, who happens to play rugby, was very upset not to rank first!!!which proves him to be a complete idiot!!!
    Take care and keep on putting these fun tests on line, we did ask our students to try your site because we think it’s a very valuable one, and a very nice way to control their use of time, which generally is their main default…
    all the best from all of us
    Marie, Jérôme, Robert, Grégoire (GI), Jean-Jacques et Anne-Laure

    • Salut Toulouse !
      Thank you very much for your appreciations !
      No problem with the ranking adjustment. I know some people have a fighting spirit, especially those who practice sport :-)
      The aim of this site is to provide to people smart occasions to train their mind.
      I hope the items are fair and challenging enough even for elite such as « prepa school » teachers.
      A bientôt,

      P.S. Placement-E will be ready soon

      P.S. I prefer writing in English (international communication)

  3. Hi Admin, I am noticing some problems with this particular test, especially when you hit the next arrow button , I dont have this problem with any of the other tests in the site, just to inform you.

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