Spatial-B Aptitude Test

This test contains 10 questions to assess your spatial aptitude.
You will be shown 5 pictures rotating.
Your task is to find the odd-one-out.
There are 4 similar pictures and 1 distinct that does not respect the logic.

Here is a sample (In the test, pictures are really rotating if your browser allows it) :

Take the test

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11 thoughts on “Spatial-B Aptitude Test

  1. 10/10 en 2 minutes 25.

    Un test amusant, mais posterez-vous d’autres tests de QI ?


    • Normalement, avec Chrome, les images tournent. Ce qui rend plus difficile le test. D’autres tests viendront.

    • Hi!

      I bought a code via Paypal but my computer crashed just when I was copying the code. Payment went well (I’ve got an email). So what to do next to have my code? I didn’t spot it in my mail.

  2. Sorry for posting this in the wrong place, but the site won’t let me comment on the Logic-C test. I have found an error in that test which messed up my score.

    In item 5, I answered (A) but it said it was wrong. It is definitely not wrong. Please fix this error.

  3. My mistake. I just realized that the puzzle uses a different kind of logic then I was expecting. Given a certain presupposition the answer (A) would be incorrect.

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