26 thoughts on “Analytic IQ Test

  1. A really good test for determining analytic inteligence. I scored 125 first time and 143 the second time i took it. Still there are some questions that I really don’t understand

    • Email me if you’d like at TheIQGuy@gmail.com. We are conducting a norming experiment regarding a number of online IQ tests, and if you are willing to take 2 of them and report back with your scores we will provide you with the explanations to the questions you missed on the Analytic test above.

        • There are tests with first/second time ratio e.g. 125/130, 145/150 or something like that. But also some of them 130/125, 150/145 – the first time you have the best score. That is good and such tests are very rare. The matter is: to understand (or not of course).

  2. hello, I’m pat and I scored 152, i’ve already take this test a long time ago (4 years), can you indicate me how to record my score on the site ?

  3. thanks for your answer, i d’wish take a real IQ test, can you indicate me if you know one like that ?
    i ve taken « dominoes »test in two times (but in 25′) and i scored 153 but was able to points more because 2 mn before the end of time remaining i thought not to be able to solve one more and after time ; nevertheless i’ve solved one question more in less time than 2′.
    I hope my english is correct…

  4. I totally agree, really good test… but;
    The only pattern i didn’t understand was #28.
    I think there were like 2 questions like this, « pair-style-fix »
    It confused me becuase compared to the rest these were too « simple. » and not really systematic like the others. Maybe that was the whole idea, but it really made me crazy, haha.. couldn’t get it to work.
    Anyways, i send this picture #28 to a friend … and like: « Look what I’m fighting with here, this does not make any sense »
    After 10 sec she say; « These are pairs hun »
    Are you kiiidding me? Haha.
    I was too manipulated by the other patterns to actually see this.

    Anyways, i really liked this.. Both thumbs up. :)

  5. Just an overall question. :)
    Do you guys prefer listening to music while doing IQ tests or do you want it really quiet?

    If yes; what type of music?
    I think it’s interesting because I want fullon psychedelic trance, really raping my mind during these types of tests.
    …and to you; IQguy… Have you ever thought about creating a forum here?
    I think that would be awesome.

  6. to admin

    i think the answer of #26 is 5,1 .

    red block’s rule could be easily caught.
    and i thought blue block indicated next additional red block.

    am i wrong?

      • I think that the blue square don’t follow the same pattern than the red squares, because in the last « big square » of the item, the blue square is not on the left side. This means a new logic for blue square (when it is alone in a line), so that situation is the only one you can see a blue square alone in a line. I think because of that, when blue square is alone, it has to be always in that place. So solution is…4 and 1.

        Is my logic correct?

        Sorry my horrible english =)

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