Matrix-B IQ Test

This test aims to provide more precise estimates of IQs in the very high range (from 130 up to 180)!

Here is a sample:

Take the test

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16 thoughts on “Matrix-B IQ Test

  1. Item 15 of MatrixB
    Hint : in the first line, there are three little matrices in which the two red squares move from top right corner of the little matrice in zig-zag …

    • the answer of question 15 is: B
      please correct the key. thanks.

  2. I scored 176
    i missed item 9 but at last ive sol ved for now

    is that about vector isnt it.?

  3. My apologies to all regarding the typos in my message above. To those interested we still have a number of slots available to receive a free test score on the Advanced Progressive Matrices test at See above for more information.

    • Yes, we probably must wait till the « new Raven II ». However, some of nicologic items are very interesting and too. All is about 140+. To norm it will be very difficult.

  4. This is more a general note about matrix B,C test. (IQ 130) I find it harder to make these « matrix tests » compared to other categories like analytic, numeric, abstraction, etc. (IQ 155-170). I was wondering if other people have the same results and maybe some answer to this.

    My guess is that these matrix test are more dealing with memory.


  5. I am a little disappointed. For items, I have missed – 9,10,15,18, I have found at least 2 other logic systems. Na ja na.

  6. veuillez enlever mon score de matrices B svp, en effet j’ai été dérangé pendant le passage de celui-ci, je l’avais fait en 2010 et avait eu 140, avez vs modifié l’évaluation depuis ?

    • C’est fait mais ce type d’intervention doit rester exceptionnel. Le « scoring » du test est le même qu’avant mais certains items ont changé de place.

  7. it’s such a difficult test.I’ve got no clue at all on item6,15,20,21
    i’ll try my best to take ‘em later~