Logic-A IQ Test

This test contains 10 questions in order to estimate the range of your IQ :
<100, 100-120, 120+

Here is a sample:
Your task is to identify a ball named X.
In each row, I give you indications about X.
After observing the indications, you will logically identify X.

Answer : X = C because X can only be the green ball (the other balls are not allowed by the indications)

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9 thoughts on “Logic-A IQ Test

  1. Is just my impression or this test seems to be easier than the placement B? by the way, love your work, please, release more tests! Greetings from Brasil!

    • A is not X. Only F is X.

      I think that A is not X because A is in the correct position of Y.

  2. This test seemed much easier than the others that I’ve done, but I haven’t done a Logic before so maybe that’s the difference. Thanks a lot for the tests, they are fun and interesting!

  3. Os testes Nicologic, pelo menos parcialmente, parecem refletir a verdade, em nenhum deles eu consegui um Q.I. de mais de 130, provavelmente um resultado próximo da realidade, e eu não sou nenhum tolo. Se fossem fajutos eu conseguiria, ao menos em algum deles, 140, 150, 170…

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