Logic-B IQ Test

This test contains 10 questions in order to estimate the range of your IQ :
<100, 100-120, 120-140, 140+

Here is a sample:
Your task is to identify a square named X.
In each row, I give you indications about X.
After observing the indications, you will logically identify X.

Answer : (E) because X can only be the magenta square (with correct position in 3)

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16 thoughts on “Logic-B IQ Test

  1. By the way, i´m a fan of your site and tests, all the best for you!

  2. why on the last item solution isn’t C for y and B for x?

  3. The first time, i scored 8, in the second 6, which one i should consider? Probably the first one i think, so, a bad day can influence the results.

      • I thought my iq was something between 130, 135, but 140, thats new for me. Let me ask you something with all respect, is this test really accurate? I wish yes! best regards!

        • This is just a little test to place your IQ in ranges (intervals). Relax :-)

  4. Please, release more tests! i know that is very difficult to create, but i like very much all of them, and i´m sure that there is a lot of people that think the same way. Health and happiness for you!

  5. Admin, it seems to me that you are making a new science with your IQ tests. Good job!

  6. hello,
    i very much enjoy all your tests, are you going to put a logic-C test with IQ 160+ online soon ?
    thank’s for the answer
    warm regards from