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mar 30

Memory-B Test

This test measures your visual short-term memory and contains 10 questions. Here is a sample: Chimps have been shown to outperform humans in this task! This test is difficult. Score >= 7 is excellent. Practice for the test Take the … Read More

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nov 10

Operator-B Test

This test contains 20 questions in order to assess your cognitive skills. This B version is harder than version A. Here is a sample: Answer : « B R » because we can infer that B represents the blue and R the … Read More

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nov 01

Practice Test

This practice question will help you understand the logical principles underpinning the test before proceeding to the next step. Here is a sample: The correct answer is F. Take the test

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nov 01

Quick IQ Test

This IQ test contains 15 questions and estimates IQs falling within the range of 80 and 135. Your task is to identify the TWO images that are distinct from the others. Here is a sample: Answers : images #2 and … Read More

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