Numeric Aptitude Test

This aptitude test contains 27 questions on numbers and arithmetic logical sequences. The score obtained on this test does not correspond to an IQ level but rather provides you with an assessment of your numerical intelligence.

Here is a sample: Find the missing number that follows logically in this sequence.

Answer: the correct answer is 2 as the right hand side of each images is the sum of the number of the left hand side of the image (i.e. 6 = X + 4, so X = 2).

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24 thoughts on “Numeric Aptitude Test

  1. Item #19 of Numeric
    Hint : power of 2 and double
    (this is not my best item …)

  2. Hi,

    I feel like something is wrong with me. I scored a 120 on the numeric test, yet I score between 145-160 on all of your tests listed in the « IQ Tests » section. Does this make sense or am I just having an off day?

  3. deveria ser em portugues e ñ em igles esse lingua e muito estranha eu ñ sei oq estao falando!!!!!!!!!!!

    • item 14 : to je jednoduchý ! 2 * 117 = 234, 2 * 84 = 168, i tak dalej

  4. pour l’item 25 faut il le voir comme le cadran d’une horloge ?
    pour l’item 22 relation avec une balance ?
    pour l’item 18 ?

  5. item 25 : absolument
    item 22 : oui, en équilibre
    item 18 : vert = « fois 3″, etc…