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  1. Admin,it seems to me that #10 item has more solutions,it could be also F(x=24 pink,y=36 pink,z=12 green).

      • Hello, noticed that one of the problems had a wrong multiple choice answer. I don’t remember the number of the problem but it is the one that sounds something like- which is z if x plus z is y and z is different color from x and y which both have same color. Anyway the A answer has number 2 in electric blue color. But the problem itself doesn’t have this number in the same color.

  2. I think that the estimates are much to low! This test is really very difficult! I scored only 4 which places me between 100-120. My official testscore on APM is 140+!!


    • I changed my script but frankly speaking the first 5 items are not so difficult. Retake the test an other day !

  3. Item 7 and 9 are just brute force…nothing related with intelligence…

    Item 5 is not well explained…

    Li+1 is not only for example L3+1=L4 but L2 too. Where you explain that?

    And so mutch math will give worng results. Culture fair tests are more interesting. Like matrix tests.

    • a) I think it is normal to find one or two items where « brute force » is needed. It is expected from someone really smart to be able to face this kind of difficulty.

      b) What is the problem with item5 ?

      c) Yes. People are fond of Matrix tests. These tests are valid but so widespread… It is like another graphic language. I can create dozens of matrices but I am searching new ideas :-)

          • Thank you for the quick reply.
            One more question, I did most of your tests with my children in the room so I didn’t respect the time limit. For example I did Matrix B and Matrix C and Logic B and Logic C in my spare time when I got a few minutes of peace and quiet. I got every question in the above 4 tests correct. Does the fact that I did the tests in this way take away from my accomplishment. What does it say about my level of intelligence?

            Thank you so much for the best mental challenges I have had in a long time…

          • These tests (Matrix-B and Matrix-C) are so difficult that even if you do not respect time limite, acing them requires a very high IQ.

          • Can you tell me what do you mean with line number i please ?

            Thank you very much for your answer.

  4. This test is very difficult, I am relieved that the scale of it has been changed, I thought my intelligence had fallen dramatically, LOL

    On the other hand, that’s why I like Nicologic´s tests, for it´s difficulty, if you do well in them, will be ready to any « official » test.

    Thanks for this exercise of mind, Mr. Adm:)

      • Olá Sr. Juca, não sou o criador do site, mas permita-me ajudá-lo, pois sei a resposta.
        Aqui neste site, na parte superior esquerda(acima do nome Nicologic) tem um link chamado « FAQ »(perguntas feitas com frequencia). Neste local o criador do site disse que voce pode aumentar em até 10 pontos o seu QI, com muita dedicação e esforço. Porém, ele menciona que esse aumento se dá mais pela familiarização com os itens dos testes do que o aumento da inteligencia geral em si(G factor).
        Assim, conclui-se, que voce pode aumentar sua pontuação nos testes, mans não tanto a inteligência.

  5. In the logic C test, in the item 5 I think thtat the rules allow for X and Y to be in the same column Ci, so X could be 17, but the system does not accept that answer, cool tests man

  6. I understand your point of view. That is very subtle but I can not accept answer X=17 because that implies Y=20 and then the couple « 17 in C1 and 20 in C2″ violates a rule. Nonetheless, this item could be improved.

  7. I got 160+ on this but i’m not that smart and i’m only 14 tho’. The SD is 15? And on item 5 why it cannot be B? X is in C2 and Y in C1 with X<Y, lucky me didn't see it first and put right.
    And what do you consider to be the most accurate test from this site?

    • Buna,
      a) This test is just a placement test (SD=15).
      b) On Item 5, X=14 leads to Y=23 but there is a 23 in C1…
      c) Dominoes test is the most accurate.

  8. On some of these test(such as the dominoes, analogical, logic test, and matrix d) I score 135-150 consistently. However, on other ones it claims my iq is like 115….
    I don’t understand this disparity
    Also, how can you claim accuracy when the last question on this test has 2 answers!? AND a very obvious one as well
    No where in the set of rules does it directly say or imply that x and y cannot be the same color….. you say y is the color of x and x is the color of y this could also be true for both indications because you give no indication of color in your first rule! answer D is COMPLETELY logical

    • 1/ The disparity is too large in your case. Maybe your concentration level fluctuates ?
      I observe a good disparity with a majority of test-takers.

      2/ You are right. I forgot to explicitly mention that colors are differents because it was « obvious ». Thanks.

  9. Good evening, hello:

    Item 5; I think solution B (14 on column c2) also meets the conditions for it to be x (with y being 23 found on column c1).

    If not, why?

    Thank you!

  10. Hello Mr. Adm.!

    I´m just passing by to wish to you a wonderful new year, full of hope, health and happiness and also the inspiration required to create new tests!!

  11. Há alguns anos fiz o teste das setas e consegui 128. Agora, 9, o que dá menos do que 100. Isso prova que os testes daqui não são confiáveis Os únicos testes que dão sempre mais ou menos os mesmo resultados são os verbais, do tipo Binet.

  12. Desculpe. Agora que eu vi: 9 pontos está entre 120 e 140, o que confere mais ou menos com o teste que fiz há três anos. 128 está nesta faixa.

  13. Are you sure there’s any correct answer in item 9? (I chose the alternative with the highest resemblance, and that was correct according to the test, even though I knew it was only approximately right.)

  14. Dear Admin,

    So far, I have not yet tried the paid tests yet, but I have found your tests very enjoyable, especially Logic. Could you give a rough estimate of my IQ based on these score?

    - Placement-B: >140
    - Placement-C: 7/15, 100-120
    - Placement-D: 22/25, 140-160
    - Operator-A: 17/20, 140-160
    - Operator-B: 18/20, 140-160
    - Logic-B: >140
    - Logic-C: 8/10, 140-160
    - Logic D: 7/10
    - Numeric*: 124
    (*I had given up on this one halfway because something poped up and I had to deal with it)
    - Pattern: 128
    - Abstraction: 150

    Thanks a lot! Looking forward to more free tests and thinking about the paid tests.

  15. O teste dos Padrões foi mudado. Há vários itens sem a menor lógica, virou um teste muito ruim. Antes não era tanto assim. Eu conseguia 120, agora, 116. É estranho eu conseguir só 103 no teste dos dominós, enquanto a maioria consegue 120.

  16. A mim me parece que os testes não verbais de q.i. não são confiáveis, pois cada um dá um resultado diferente. Fiz um teste da Mensa, pra saber se eu tinha condições de tentar o teste oficial deles, e acertei 6 perguntas de 19, ou seja, um absurdo, fiz o teste dinamarquês e consegui 107, outro absurdo, fiz alguns testes aqui e consegui de 104 a 130. Em três testes daqui consegui 130, mas no teste numérico consegui 115. De que adianta eu saber que tenho 130 de q.i. se no teste numérico eu consigo só 115? Como pode isso? A mim me parece que os testes verbais são os mais precisos.

  17. Dear Adm.
    If my I.Q. 130 is also I must not waste time on tests that measure up to 140? You said that anyone who has more than 130 should not do tests that measure up to 130…

  18. Dear Adm.,
    You said: who has more than 130 I.Q. should not waste time on tests that measure up to 140. And who has got exactly 130? Please answer me, then, a test that measures up to 140 I have an IQ 125, and several of their tests, I have 130. Please answer me, I’m confused.

    • Consider your highest score and ignore the tests under 130 if you reach more than 130 in one test.

  19. The calculation of I.Q. seems luck here: if someone solves three tests and goes well in these three IQ Medium is 135, for example. If that same person solves ten tests and goes bad in some your IQ Medium is 110, for example. The right would not only consider the top three results?

  20. Hi you have errors in examples so i assume there might be also in test. If you want me to evaluate your quizzes i can send you feedback.


  21. a hint for question nine is:
    there are 81 possible 3*3 matrices, 1 matrix will fulfill the conditions, that matrix will be the answer. As someone already mentioned, it was brute force. Unless you’re a genius and saw it intuitively!

  22. if an individual can get a perfect score on this test – Logic C -without a time limit then does it have any value?
    I got them all correct however I hate timed tests but always take my time. What does it say about my iq?

    wonderful challenge Nico. Great site.

  23. I got 8/10 on logic-C I actualy found this test « easy » I would have done 10/10 if given just a little more time(spead is my weak point) But I estimate my IQ to be between 115 and 123. (Would be higher if my speeed and working memory wasn’t so bad)
    Would it be possible to create a page with a percentil score for each test ? The test statistic page is cool but It only shows average. What percentil is 8/10 ?
    Thank you !

  24. Item 5
    I suggest, if you allow me,
    17+20 both in C2 should be a correct solution since 20 is not in Ci+1.

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