8 thoughts on “Visual-E Aptitude Test

  1. Urgent question: If an IQ of 130 means top 2% of the population and in site statistics the average test result of iq tests is approx. IQ 130, what does this mean? That this website has many smart visitors? That the tests are relatively too easy? That there are people who take one test many times (improving their results and therefore score)?

    • As already explaind in other comments, the average score of 120 is not that surprising according to multiple attempts and psychological profile of those who like taking challenging tests.
      Tests are normed by correlations with the Dominoes test.

      • The psychological profile seems a logic explanation, but in my observation the tests are only the first time stored in the database not multiple times, how would this effect the higher scores?
        Furthermore, the Flynn Effect is a term which explains why the IQ is now increased compared to generations before this one (see full explanation on wikipedia), could this be an explanation of the average of IQ 120+?

        • 1/ No. You can store in database multiple attempts by just changing the pseudonym. This is a bad practice.

          2/ Yes. I read last year the book « WHAT IS INTELLIGENCE? BEYOND THE FLYNN EFFECT BY FLYNN, JAMES ROBERT ».
          Interestingly, IQ scores have been decreasing in modern countries these last years. The beginning of the end of the Flynn effect.

  2. je souffre de trouble anxio-dépressifs connus pour faire varier les fonctions cognitives, je ne prends donc en compte que le passage du test lorsque mes troubles n’ont pas interférés sur ma réflexion, est-ce correct ?

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