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  1. hi I achieved your test with success but out of time, 25 minutes approximately ( 23/ 25 = 159 iq)
    This result is it valid?; on the other hand a few minutes later i corrected my mistakes without problems ( 25/ 25)
    This test on my opinion is more easy that others test (funnies tests!!)

  2. Time limit is very important. You have to respect it strictly on these « easy » tests (Time limit is not so important in difficult tests).
    You are right about MatrixD. It appears less difficult than other Matrix tests (a query on my database proved it). I will probably change the scoring script.

  3. Well, I think it looks less difficult but, actually, I tried to take it strictly respecting the time limit and my score was not significantly different from the ones achieved in the other tests

  4. Hi,
    the nicologic tests are very clever. However, as far as the matrix reasoning is concerned, I absolute prefer the RAPM II, why? My job is mathematical modelling. Our candidates are able to solve some profound partial differential equations only if they score minimally 32/36 in the RAPM II. Other tests have shown themselves as not being so efficient of how to recognize this type of a mathematical intelligence, including the nicologic ones. For instance, the series 1,2,3,5,? must be solved in 2 minutes, if one has the IQ 150+ (according to the RAPM II), and so on. The Raven II is simply the best criterion. Neverthless, I thank you for this IQ 160 test, the good work.


    • Very interesting. I’ve never tried the RAPM II, so I don’t know how difficult it can be. However, what’s the corresponding IQ (or percentile) score for a raw score of 32/36?

      • Well, according to our experiences and also with the Mensa tables:
        32/36 = IQ 140+, 35/36 in 50 minutes = IQ 160+ (at least 1/50000). The Raven is not so difficult, but ideally combines the elegance and difficulty of solutions. You can find out that some high scoreers in the « difficult tests » completely fail in the Raven II. I have not seen the better test till now. People with the Raven 32/36 and more are able to find elegant solutions. Bur Raven is only necessary condition, not sufficient one. If you score high in the Raven, you should approve your result in the solutions of problems of nature too.

        • I took Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) 16 years ago without any knowledge/habit of the matrices principles. This test is very good and without ambiguities. By the way, it is not so difficult. I do not think the ceiling (raw score of 36/36 in less than 30 mns) is above 150 IQ.

          • Yes, 36/36 in less than 30 minutes shows good speed of mind. If it IQ should be, then it must be proved by solutions of the problems of nature. For example, if one is able to solve the series: 1,2,3,5,? in 2 minutes, then the given score of Raven is over 165. If not, then it is under 140.

          • Hi admin,

            Kasparov IQ 123 in the Raven I. It is really hard to evaluate. I personally scored in your matrix D 151., In your matrix C I failed in the problems 4 and 18. The logic of your tests is more simple than the Raven II, but the carriers of the logic is more complicated. As to the problem 18, my IQ is not enough, the problem 4 is conradictious.


            IM TIRED OF THIS

      • Please, can you tell me, is this IQ test for children or younger teens? I’m 23 years old and certainly anyone in my university would achieve 130 +, but gifed people belong to 2% to 3% of the whole world population, so we’re probably having a mistake in the score-IQ relation, right?

  5. IQ = 130?

    But these problems are too easy, I get the feeling it’s not counting IQ correctly. Unless it’s for children or younger teens.

      • Desculpe. Esse teste Matrix D é muito fácil mesmo. Não deve ter sido bem testado. Por isso é difícil a gente acreditar nos resultados desses testes, uns são fáceis, outros, muito difíceis. Mas acho que a gente nem precisa saber nosso Q.I., pois na vida real isso pouco ou nada vale. Acho que a inteligência não pode ser medida completamente por esses testes simplórios… Acho que servem só pra diversão. Mas acho, também, que aqui tem muito mentiroso, esse aí em baixo afirma que conseguiu 154, 150, 146, 144. Se tivesse tudo isso não estaria perdendo tempo escrevendo aqui, estaria na NASA.

  6. Hello, I have a question about my results: MATRIX-My IQ is 146, 136 iq MTX-B,-C IS MTX 144, MTX-D And my IQ is 154. In the test sequences have been 150, and evidence of abstraction 143. What is my iq more reliable? Do I calculate the average ABCD MATRIX? And … Why are these tests standard deviation …. 15, or 16? I find a great test and I entertained a lot. Thanks and greetings from Spain …!!!

  7. Hello I found the text very interesting. I wanted to complete it all and unfortunately I broke the time limit up to 18 minutes, ottennendo IQ 137. Do you think the outcome is still distorted? Even if I have 52 years?. The result of the test on dominoses was of 134 with a time of 25 minutes.

  8. are you a Mensa member?
    another question, if i do the same test 3 times, obtaining in each one a better result, for exemple, 126, 135 and 140, what result is more reliable? is the first one? sorry for the mistakes, i´m from Brazil and never studied english in a school.

  9. Os testes Nicologic são os melhores da net, os mais confiáveis, tem muito teste fajuto por ai, uns subestimam e outros superestimam o QI.

  10. Scoring system on your test is broken. I got my score, went back, because i couldn’t believe a couple of them were being wrong, to search for the right answers. The second time it scored exactly the same answers right.


  11. Hi, I scored 136 on Matrix A (up to 145), 142 on Matrix B (up to 180), and 161 on Dominoes (up to 170). What is the norm of these tests? Correlation with RAVEN, WESCHLER, MENSA, etc? How reliable are the results?

  12. really you have to understan its a skill you get beter every time only the first one really counts and i maen ever at any
    no matter witch test youl get beter
    i just cant believe you guys took that long i did it in 5 mins
    and i just got 125 still an amasing score
    but i do know that some people will just trow
    there keybaord at screen after seeing this
    its not easy if you have never seen it before
    but i did so this one does not count either
    just for fun

  13. As questões desses testes Nicologics são todas do mesmo tipo e esses testes são muito curtos. Por isso são falhos, daí cada teste dá um resultado diferente. O Cattell é o melhor deles, pois contem letras, palavras, números e desenhos. Mas, não se preocupem, na vida real o Q.I. não quer dizer nada, só serve, talvez, pra prever o desempenho acadêmico. Tanto é que a Schell nem considera mais o Q.I. dos candidatos a empregos, eles consideram o Q.E. mais importante.

  14. Este site Nicologic tem uma grande vantagem: parece ser honesto, pois publica comentários até contra os testes, e, eles cobram apenas cinco euros por mês, pra gente poder fazer os testes, enquanto o teste Sigma cobra quinhentos euros, um verdadeiro absurdo, por um teste sem limite de tempo, onde se pode usar o que quiser pra fazer o teste, o que, na minha opinião, parece do tipo pagou/tirou mais do que 130.

  15. Esse teste, matrix D, é totalmente fajuto. Não vejo como todas as pessoas conseguiram Q.I.s de 140 ou mais. Quem vai acreditar nisso?

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