17 thoughts on “Operator-A Test

  1. I think that 10 minutes is too fast and the last item…hmmm i dont understand.

  2. The test is great!I scored 17 in first try,working about 20 minutes,and in next try 20.In item #20 you’re looking every two consecutive images,and if there is some similarities in colours and places where are colours,titles which are above images have some same letters.

  3. You have to know color names in french in order to solve item 20. xD

    • Well, in fact, you don’t « have to » but it helps a lot.

    • Consider marron instead of brun. For example, if you have Tmv, marron(brown) and vert(green) switch their original positions.

      • Now i understand…but for non french speakers it’s unfair xD

        Awesome test. Congratulations nicologic.

        • I must admit that this item 20 is not completely fair. You are right. Little advantage for French speakers :-)
          However you can find the right answer by analysing certains couples of dominoes… without knowing the color names.
          In my opinion, you need to have a very strong working memory to solve this item.

  4. Hi Nicolas

    I scored 8/20 and I think it´s a very difficult test! What do you think is this 8/20 in IQ? If I look at my other scores on your tests it should be around the 99%? What do you think?

    Thank you and nice regards!

  5. I’m Japanese.
    and I could get 17 scores in first try!
    this test is very good! I really enjoyed it!