23 thoughts on “Operator-A Test

  1. The test is great!I scored 17 in first try,working about 20 minutes,and in next try 20.In item #20 you’re looking every two consecutive images,and if there is some similarities in colours and places where are colours,titles which are above images have some same letters.

    • Consider marron instead of brun. For example, if you have Tmv, marron(brown) and vert(green) switch their original positions.

      • Now i understand…but for non french speakers it’s unfair xD

        Awesome test. Congratulations nicologic.

        • I must admit that this item 20 is not completely fair. You are right. Little advantage for French speakers :-)
          However you can find the right answer by analysing certains couples of dominoes… without knowing the color names.
          In my opinion, you need to have a very strong working memory to solve this item.

  2. Hi Nicolas

    I scored 8/20 and I think it´s a very difficult test! What do you think is this 8/20 in IQ? If I look at my other scores on your tests it should be around the 99%? What do you think?

    Thank you and nice regards!

  3. I’m Japanese.
    and I could get 17 scores in first try!
    this test is very good! I really enjoyed it!

  4. Whats the logic for question 15?I think the answer should be T2– instead of T-. Feedback would be appreciated!

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