24 thoughts on “Attention-A Test

  1. Is this test supposed to test your level of attention or your IQ level?

    • It does test your short term memory, and that (most argue) does have correlation with IQ results. Generally speaking, we can say that the lower your attention is, the lower will the IQ result be. (someone correct me if needed please)

      • I scored 6, but after a couple of glases of wine. ;-)
        Merci. /Sunderson.

        • Congratulations for all your impressive scores ! 10/10 on Logic-D !!

          • Admin. have a question. due to the flynn effect etc. can consecutively done iq tests on your site attest to the IQ, or can only the first one be trusted as valid? or is there enough differences in the tests? i ask since i got a lower result on the first test i did compared with the numerous others i’ve done after.

          • 1/ Flynn effect concern a population whose IQ progress generation from generation.

            2/ If you take dozens of similar IQ tests consecutively, you can observe a gain about 10% 15%.

            In this site, it is important to respect time limit and compute the average of at least than 3 scores.

  2. Hi admin, can you tell me the solution of 19 Placement E thanks

    • And what you say about to make the solution in each test? Thanks. Your site is great

      • I prefer people search for the solution.
        I give sometimes the solution of some particular items.

  3. Mr. Adm:
    which score is considered excellent? (beyond the 10)? Thankxx

  4. memory b > or equal 7——excellent

    Attention A > or equal? ———-excellent

  5. I took the Placement A test but I can’t get the score, there’s an error in the URL, there’s an A missing there so it can’t make the correct score… Could you fix that, please? I’m commenting here because I can’t comment on that test, there’s no option to leave a comment there (that’s probably due to my slow internet connection).

    • Hi,
      I corrected the script.
      You can take Placement-A test.
      Thanks for your message !!

  6. hi Mr. Adm!

    Please, release the first iq test of 2014 to start the year!
    Good vibes!

  7. The fact that you take 3 tests in a row does not influence your score.
    I mean you need dozens of test-taking sessions to articially improve your IQ score.

  8. Admin, vous devriez examiner Operator-B test.

    Je crois avoir décelé une incohérence dans l’agencement de l’item 17.

    Le troisième domino devrait afficher: 3 z 2 / 132
    ou alors 2 z 3 / 123.

    Bien à vous et merci encore pour vos tests. ^^

    • Bonsoir de l’Oise,
      La règle « n z m » doit se lire comme ceci : mettre en n-ième position le m-ième chiffre pour rétablir une séquence ordonnée.
      OK pour « 2 z 3 / 132″ et « 3 z 2 / 132″ mais KO pour « 2 z 3 / 123″.

  9. Hi,
    I have just corrected this bad item.
    Try it now !