14 thoughts on “Placement-B IQ Test

  1. Engraçado, a mim me parece que os testes B sempre são mais difíceis do que os A. O Placemente B parece ter o dobro da dificuldade do A. O nível de dificuldade não deveria ser igual em todos?

    • Esse teste visa medir qi acima de 145, por isso é mais dificil. Se voce quiser que o dono do site responda sua duvida voce tem de perguntar em frances ou ingles.

      • Hi,i did this and at first try i got 12,at operator b at first try 15,at mostly on yours test i got 140-160,except on pattern recognition(135).Also,i did mensa test(34/36) and on rottus sequence got 146 (working about 1,5 h),on http://ngtest.wordpress.com/ngt-r/ got 152,on zollys test i usually get 145-150..do you know maybe what of all scores are most reliable?though i think that,according to mensa,my iq is lower than 145,but on many others test i got higher..

          • Do you know what the IQ equivalent is to 35/36 (30 minutes) for age 39-40?

          • Sorry, to be clear, I’m asking about the IQ equivalent for RAPM. Thank you.

          • It’d be nice if it were that easy. The numbers vary depending on the website. Just thought you might know. But thanks anyway, despite the seeming hand-waving response.

    • Look at the 2 objects upper.
      Object 1 follows a permutation of color then a permutation of forms to become object 2. Add a rotation to understand all the rules.

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