14 thoughts on “Sequences-B IQ Test (free!)

  1. Hello!

    I know this is a wide subject to discuss here, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve processing speed? Its just because it seems to be weighing me down on these tests: I can get all the answers right as long as I have 20% to 30% more time.

    Thank you!

    • Its not impressive then. The questions aren’t hard if you have a lot of time to think about them.
      Cambridge brain science is a good indicator of intelligence, and also a great way to improve mental processing speed However, many argue whether processing speed could be improved at all.

  2. Pelo menos aqui, em meu computador, os itens dos testes não estão aparecendo. Não pude fazer o teste por causa disso. Só aparecem as opções de respostas.

  3. I am a very very big fan of your iq tests, and i think that its very impressive that u can make such good test.

    I have an idea for a very nice test that would be a very good indicator of ur iq.. Please make a long test where the questions is both spatial questions like sequences or dominos or something like that and also some verbal questions like anologies and stuff… that would be awsome :D


  4. I got all the questions right, but it took me 17 minutes to do it, so I don’t know at what level I can consider my result.

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