11 thoughts on “Sequences-B IQ Test (free!)

  1. Thanks Mr. Adm. Great test, as always, good work!
    And what about that matrix test?:D

  2. Awesome test!
    I only find one problema in item 2 with 2 possible answers.

  3. Hello!

    I know this is a wide subject to discuss here, but does anyone have any suggestions on how to improve processing speed? Its just because it seems to be weighing me down on these tests: I can get all the answers right as long as I have 20% to 30% more time.

    Thank you!

    • Its not impressive then. The questions aren’t hard if you have a lot of time to think about them.
      Cambridge brain science is a good indicator of intelligence, and also a great way to improve mental processing speed However, many argue whether processing speed could be improved at all.

      • Thank you.

        Do you know of any site or article that discusses the matter in a reliable way?

  4. Pelo menos aqui, em meu computador, os itens dos testes não estão aparecendo. Não pude fazer o teste por causa disso. Só aparecem as opções de respostas.

    • Try an other browser : IE10, FF20 or Chrome. Sequences-B Test uses HTML5 canvas.

  5. I am a very very big fan of your iq tests, and i think that its very impressive that u can make such good test.

    I have an idea for a very nice test that would be a very good indicator of ur iq.. Please make a long test where the questions is both spatial questions like sequences or dominos or something like that and also some verbal questions like anologies and stuff… that would be awsome :D