Spatial-A Aptitude Test

This test contains 10 questions in order to assess your spatial aptitude.

Here is a sample:

This test is difficult. Score >= 7 is excellent.

Take the test

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21 thoughts on “Spatial-A Aptitude Test

  1. A lot of fun. Great test!!

    When you will make a new IQ test?
    I know i´ts very hard to create, but you´re the best in the web

  2. How is this test hard,scored 7 in 5min and 13 secs and did not even tried too much lol.

  3. Well, what the Aptitude tests means?

    I got 10 in this test and 9 in the Visual B Aptitude Test, and it says that > 7 is excellent, but my Estimated IQ is around 123.
    Looks that I’m better in Aptitude tests than in IQ tests?

    I’m new here and I have to say, these tests are awesome! XD

  4. I got 10, didn’t really feel that hard. My estimated IQ is somewhere around 140~

    It was a fun one thought, please keep up the awesome work. You’re the best one on the net!

  5. Has this test been modified ? Did you always allow multiples tries at visualizing each item ?

  6. Before hand, sorry for my English.

    I have made each cube in paper in order to find my only one mistake and I am not able. I give up.
    I’d like to ask to check the answers, please.
    It drives me crazy.

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