Spatial-A Aptitude Test

This test contains 10 questions in order to assess your spatial aptitude.

Here is a sample:

This test is difficult. Score >= 7 is excellent.

Take the test

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16 thoughts on “Spatial-A Aptitude Test

  1. For those who made 6, 7 or 8 points, is it possible to estimate their IQ?

  2. hi why don’t post yours results about the link »spatial hard reasoning »?

  3. It’s hard, but it feels like it should be easy to train.

  4. A lot of fun. Great test!!

    When you will make a new IQ test?
    I know i´ts very hard to create, but you´re the best in the web

    • I need time and imagination but I have a few ideas… Patience :-)

  5. How is this test hard,scored 7 in 5min and 13 secs and did not even tried too much lol.

  6. Well, what the Aptitude tests means?

    I got 10 in this test and 9 in the Visual B Aptitude Test, and it says that > 7 is excellent, but my Estimated IQ is around 123.
    Looks that I’m better in Aptitude tests than in IQ tests?

    I’m new here and I have to say, these tests are awesome! XD

  7. I got 10, didn’t really feel that hard. My estimated IQ is somewhere around 140~

    It was a fun one thought, please keep up the awesome work. You’re the best one on the net!