47 thoughts on “Logic-D IQ Test

    • But the test is difficult! In the first attempt I underestimated it.

      By the way, please answer me a question Mr. Administrator:

      Is it possible to achieve a better score with practice or is there a score limit for each one? In other words, can everyone achieve a score of 8, 9 or 10 after 5 or more attempts?

      • I think you can prepare this kind of grid-tests and learn a procedure to solve them faster. That’s different with culture-fair IQ tests… where there is no method to follow.

        • Ok, just one more thing: I think that would be great to have a matrices IQ test in the free category, we got logic tests, placement tests, what about a matrices ?? I like the way you create those tests and i am sure that everyone else likes.
          Thanks for your time!

  1. Good evening!

    If I’m not mistaken, item 7 has at least one more solution that is not accepted at the moment:

    Blue, White, Red;
    Blue, Green;

    Great and fun test! Cheers!

    • Thx. I will check that later. By the way, let’s use the letters notation in place of the colours notation.

  2. Hello nico,

    Im from Mensa too, Portugal. I think you should make the instructions of this test more clear. Strive for it :) Sorry for the harassment.


    • Maybe the instructions are not enough clear but the training is a great way to get the idea !

  3. Training was easy but the test was difficult.
    The change in score from 140 to 160 + was fair,
    as well as the increase of time.
    I wonder if it is possible to hit 7 points (6 minutes limit) just by luck?
    That was my score after 3 attempts(using time limit 5). The first attempts the test was not calibrated. Can i consider my last score(7 hits) valid ?

    • I think you can not get a good score only by chance because the combinations are numerous.
      The test was initially bad calibrated. You can consider your real score is 7.

  4. There is a possible answer that the system does not recognize;
    Q7 C
    I have the other answer that the system consider as the right one, but this one should work because:
    up: 1A, 1B, 1C
    down: 1C,2D
    left: 2A, 1B, 1C, 1D
    right: 2C, 2D, 1B

    Nevertheless nice test for processing speed

  5. I think there should be at least one more possible answer for Q7 as follows:

  6. Admin, when situations like this in the test appear, the test becomes really ambiguous and confusing.

    X X

    Please give more clear instructions or remove the bad items…

    • I mean, situations like this one


      • I updated the instructions. I think the training with 3 items really helps to understand the rules.

  7. It could be good idea, make this something like sudoku. Randomly generated pattern for training of logic. Do you think that is this possible? Thank you, great site!

    • These Logic-D items can be generated by an algorithm.
      Analogy with SUDOKU grids is valid.
      If this test becomes popular, I program an algorithm to produce grids.
      Software developpers can even program a solver but it requires free time.

  8. Hello!
    On the last item, another possible solution I think:

    B, B;

    Really fun test!

  9. Hello Admin.

    I really enjoy taking your tests and they are very nice made.
    Are you making more tests or are you taking a break or something? i would love you see more new tests :D

    • You are right. I updated the script. Thanks.
      These kind of items admit many solutions but remain difficult to solve !

  10. What is the solution for question 4 ? i really cant see the logic in some of these to be honest… so can u please give me the solution and why that is the solution :) Thanks

  11. What is the solution for question 5? and also.. i think the system it works is very confusing.. like the rules of the test is confusing.. would you please explain precisly what the rules are and what i can do. I know what the task is about but.. the solution and the rules seems to be very confusing.. so please explain me thanks:)

  12. Hey admin i completely understand how it Works now :)

    I got 7 right and i respected the time limit.. what iq does that corralate to?

    • The correlation is bad with other IQ tests.
      Maybe your score of 7 corresponds to an IQ within the range 130-140.

  13. Hi admin ¡
    In my humble opinion shortage in time makes it correlate badly.
    Time needed is underestimate in comparisson with the other logic tests.
    thanks for your good work ¡

  14. Dear Admin:
    Last item, number 10, another possible solution:
    - – c -
    - b – -
    a – - a
    - – - b
    - – d -

  15. At my first try I didnt have enough time to complete it. But I got 10/10 at second try, what does that mean?

  16. Hi Admin, I really don´t understand my score at Logic D. Sometimes I got 9 then 12 then 14 then 9 then 15 and so on. Seems like score shuffle. I always solve every question, only the last not. But one times I got everything right but had only Score 12. That makes no sense

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