25 thoughts on “Placement-A IQ Test

    • You must take at least 3 valid IQ Tests to get an estimation.

  1. I had 14/15. What is that iq? (By the way, what is the answer of q.14??

  2. hi,
    I liked this test but it seems far too easy, are you going to put new iq 170-180 tests online this year? And how about no Raven matrices but analogies, verbal, spatial and logic tests instead?
    and by the way although i did reach iq180 on the numerical test, i wonder about question 25 (answer is 57 if i remember well) because i’d like to see your explanation on the logic involved which in my opinion is quite fuzzy…
    Thank you anyway for the nice cerebral training.

    • I like matrices…one « Matrix E » test up to IQ 170~180 would be very nice.

      • Check my Operator-B (it’s free now) and respect time limit !

      • thank you very much for your answer, that’s the way i calculated it.
        best regards,

    • Matrix is a good way to measure IQ but many people are accustomed to these items and it is difficult to create new rules.
      I am not able to create verbal test.
      « Analogies + Spatial + Logic » can really make an interesting test.

  3. Parece que só tem gênios fazendo testes aqui. Ou… mentirosos. Aliás, a Internet é o paraíso dos mentirosos. Todos afirmando que tem Q.I. de 150, 160, 170, achando que os testes daqui são fáceis demais. Não são, pelo menos pra mim, não, que não sou nenhum tolo. Este Placement A, pelo que eu notei, se a pessoa acertar 10 perguntas, teria 120 de Q.I., 11, 125, 12, 130, e assim por diante. Consegui o máximo que tive em outros 4 testes Nicologic: 130.

    • Os testes não são todos fáceis mas são as pessoas com alto QI que normalmente se interessam por este tema…é normal as altas pontuações.

  4. Tem razão. Ainda bem que num dos testes considerados mais difíceis, o Flip A, eu fui bem, 132, na primeira vez. Estranhamente, no Dominós, na primeira vez, eu fiz apenas 103, me confundi com as cores, me guiei por elas.

  5. Hey, I purchased an access code but never actually received one. What do I need to do?

    • I received your payment (sorry for the late) and I just sent you the code. Enjoy !

      Rem : if an user do not receive automatically the code, he must write me with the e-mail found in the payment process.

  6. Hey, I purchased an access code but never actually received one. What do I need to do?

    • I received your payment and I just sent you the code. Enjoy !

  7. hey,
    do you plan to implement your test list with a very hard IQ 180+ test ?
    that would be great…
    so long, and keep your lamp burnin’

    • For now, I just would like to understand why my Logic-C is so hard !? This test appears much more difficult than the others but frankly I do not see why.

      • ok, the answer is : there’s a mistake in item 10, if x and y are in right colors in column c3, then only can you say that only x or y is in reverse color in line l1 but not both of them
        so getting a 9/10 is worth IQ160+

        • Logic-C Item 10
          L1 and C3 lead to nothing.
          This item admits a logical solution. Please re-read carefully the indications.

          • Hi again, thank’s for answering , i think you’re right, i’d rather look at c5-l1 to get the good answer
            All my best and…think about the super 180+IQ test which will get you loads of brainiacs (all my friends from Torr.org for exemple)