46 thoughts on “Pattern Recognition Aptitude Test

  1. There are many patterns that don’t follow any logic or symetry, so I had to make the best guess. My score is iq 133 with respect to the tme limit. Your scores are ?? Just interested….

  2. I just did all of the test pure guess 2 X and got 98 and 107, this seems to be a bad IQ test.

  3. Hello guys, brute forced the answer key with a quick script.

    Answer key:

    1: B
    2: F
    3: A
    4: D
    5: D
    6: A
    7: E
    8: F
    9: C
    10: C
    11: E
    12: D
    13: A
    14: F
    15: A
    16: E
    17: B
    18: A
    19: D
    20: E
    21: F
    22: D
    23: D
    24: C
    25: E
    26: D
    27: C
    28: C
    29: D
    30: B

  4. This is just a color game. It does not prove intelligence or logic;
    the same test can be performed by a rat using different colored cheese as the motivator.
    The ONLY challenge is to not let your eyes go out of focus whilst looking at the color pattern as a single image. I would have preferred a number or letter pattern instead.

  5. bonjour,

    question 10 j’ai pensé réponse c mais ai coché une autre réponse, pouvez-vous corriger mon score ?
    d’autre part au test logic D j’ai eu 11/10 mais mon score est barré pouvez vous corriger cce problèmes ?


  6. can someone explain 29, it’s the only one I couldn’t do, I even went back after the test to look at it and I still couldn’t solve it.

  7. I got every one right that I had time to attempt sadly that was only 1-15. This is not an IQ test. This is a pattern recognition test. IQ cannot be measured.

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