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  1. In the Quiz C I think there could be a mistake or maybe I missunderstoood the question:
    If p is the probability of falling in (2,4) and q the probability of falling in (1,3,5), then the probability of falling in 6 is:=)
    my answer is p*q
    your answer is 1- (p*q)
    my reasoning is: you have 6 options .. the probability of getting 6 is 1/6 right
    p=2/6 and q=3/6—-: p*q= 1/6, maybe I miss something here

    • Hello,
      Your reasoning is correct if you think about a concrete dice with equiprobabilty.
      In scientific terms, the correct answer is 1 – (p + q) because the sum of probabilities for all possible evenements is 1 (i.e. 100 %).
      I changed the answers to avoid ambiguities.
      Thanks for your help,

  2. this refers to the « Operator-B-Aptitude-Test ». Sorry, but i couldn´t find out, how to leave a comment there.
    I think, there is a slight mistake in item #19: in the fifth example (BAy), i think a « 9″ and a « 6″ should be interchanged. Not totally sure though.

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