Matrix-B IQ Test

This test aims to provide more precise estimates of IQs in the very high range (from 130 up to 180)!

Here is a sample:

Take the test

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23 thoughts on “Matrix-B IQ Test

  1. Item 15 of MatrixB
    Hint : in the first line, there are three little matrices in which the two red squares move from top right corner of the little matrice in zig-zag …

  2. My apologies to all regarding the typos in my message above. To those interested we still have a number of slots available to receive a free test score on the Advanced Progressive Matrices test at See above for more information.

    • Yes, we probably must wait till the « new Raven II ». However, some of nicologic items are very interesting and too. All is about 140+. To norm it will be very difficult.

  3. This is more a general note about matrix B,C test. (IQ 130) I find it harder to make these « matrix tests » compared to other categories like analytic, numeric, abstraction, etc. (IQ 155-170). I was wondering if other people have the same results and maybe some answer to this.

    My guess is that these matrix test are more dealing with memory.


    • I am experiencing a somewhat similar result as yours, except I fared poorer on Matrix C but not on Matrix B.

      I think one big problem with timed tests is that the way you manage time has way too much of an influence on the results; for instance, I tend to heavily prioritise precision over speed, and I tried exceptionally in Matrix C to skip way quicker. I felt I needed a bit more time to check whether I was really stuck or not for the whole second half of the test, and after the end, I managed to get several correct answers by merely thinking some more (reasonably), so I think my timed attempt led to an underestimate.

      If your hypothesis on memory load is correct, then this may have to do with it, as each question may require a higher concentration threshold to pass.

  4. I am a little disappointed. For items, I have missed – 9,10,15,18, I have found at least 2 other logic systems. Na ja na.

  5. veuillez enlever mon score de matrices B svp, en effet j’ai été dérangé pendant le passage de celui-ci, je l’avais fait en 2010 et avait eu 140, avez vs modifié l’évaluation depuis ?

    • C’est fait mais ce type d’intervention doit rester exceptionnel. Le « scoring » du test est le même qu’avant mais certains items ont changé de place.

  6. it’s such a difficult test.I’ve got no clue at all on item6,15,20,21
    i’ll try my best to take ‘em later~

    • i very much doubt you finished that test in 3 minutes perfectly. it seems significantly more likely that you did it multiple times on other accounts then did it on this one.

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