Quick IQ Test

This IQ test contains 15 questions and estimates IQs falling within the range of 80 and 135.

Your task is to identify the TWO images that are distinct from the others.

Here is a sample:
Example 1

Answers : images #2 and #5

See other examples & Take the test

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32 thoughts on “Quick IQ Test

  1. 14/15 is a bit strange..why is that? all of them if you multiple the
    edges you take the center number..the only difference between the 1,4 examples is that 48(8>4) and 28(8>4) but it is a bit strange..

    • no its great. pattern is my best otherwise I use to score around 125-130 in general in thiese kind of tests.
      125 should be around the 5% best if you took a random person to do this test.

  2. item 8 has 2 solutions

    1, 4, 9, 16 are perfect squares. the number of circles is the square root.


    2, 4, 8, 16 are in progression with the number of circles representing the power of the ratio, witch is 2.

  3. guys,these tests are plain stupid,totally shit.the scores for these tests are way too high.if you look at test sttistics, you find out that the average iq score here is 125.thats way too much.

    • people who visit these kind of sites have not an average IQ of 100.
      so the scores are accurate:)

    • of course,I get your point.but 125 average?really?I was thinking about 110-115 ,but 125 is way too much.the scores are inflated.

      • I think that 125 is plausible.

        …and you have to think that there are people that came here to exercise their mind or do the tests many times. Some people has great scores and came here…that put the average iq up.

        sorry my bad english.

        • Nicologic Tests statistics section include « invalid » tests where people use more time than allowed.
          Added to the fact that people who care about their IQ and spend time to measure it are smarter than the average, you may understand why the average score is so high (about 125) in this site.

          • but,I have a question.why do you even score those invalid tests?the test should stop after the time passes.

  4. I have a certified iq score of about 105 of raven,yet I score 110+ on these tests,even in the 120s range.these tests shouldnt be used as a proper measure of iq.the admin said that there are invalid tests which are scored,so it isnt reliable.but these are fun tests to do.

  5. 135 which falls in average/above average. The test is not exactly fool proof however, no pun intended!

  6. You miserable admin and site owner!! You use cheap word play to fool fools into thinking you get FULL access to this site within 1 month, while you only get around 15 attempts available for max 1 month’s lenght… why are you dirty and don’t stipulate fairly and clearly for every1 to understand, « 5 dollars for 15 attempts within 1 month » ?!

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