Matrix-C IQ Test

This test aims to provide more precise estimates of IQs in the very high range (from 130 up to 180)!

Here is a sample:

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97 thoughts on “Matrix-C IQ Test

  1. Hi, can anybody solve the series 1,2,3,5, …? in two minutes? If so, than IQ 165+. Thanks. Tomas
    (P.S. It is closely related to the Raven II test).

    • I was needing a hard IQ test, but I still need the test to score right or to at least have a deviation of 24, because I’m not believing my results.

  2. Well,it’s based on prime numbers.In 1235 series 1. member is 2, 2. member is 3, 3. member is 5, and 5. member is 11(those are members of prime numbers series:2,3,5,7,11..)
    Does anyone tried this one ?I think it is good one,but I don’t know what are Mensa’s criteria,and how are Mensa’s problem comparing to those ones.I scored 148 on the Dominoes,144 on matrix b,148 on matrix d,but I have certain fear of mensa test and problems :)

    • In 2 3 5 7 11.. series,not in 1 2 3 5 series.(In 1235 series 1. member is 2, 2. member is 3, 3. member is 5, and 5. member is 11)

      • I’m conducting a validity experiement regarding a number of IQ Tests online (this includes a number of both 100% non-verbal and other iq tests online). The first 30 people to take part will be allowed to receive FREE results on the iq test aforementioned (, which is a verifiably normed and accurate Advanced Progressive Matrices test. If intertested, please email me at for instructions. Participants will take approximately 5 different tests online, upon which he or she will be able to take the above test for free. Thanks in advance for you participation!

    • Yes Slobodan, if this series is given in the framework of others without comment, then 99 percent gives 8 as a solution. Two minutes for this series is already a suggestion, but nevertheless bravo for your 11.

  3. Does anyone tried to solve 32 question on this iq test(

    • For this item #32 of, I found a logic rule who works for the two first lines but who makes a solution that is not among the proposed answers …

      My rule is that for each line, you create the third picture by adding the first picture to the vertically flipped second figure.

      When two objects intersect, the result is nil.

      My answer would be a picture with two black squares in the middle of the upper part and a circle at the extreme LEFT of the lower part.

      • And mine too:)
        I merge first and third picture,and what is common i erase( i think so:) ) and then make mirror picture,and I think that is the same rule as yours.:)
        Do you think that I have chance for entrance to Mensa?It would mean a very lot to me,especially to my confidence.

        • Just some estimation,based to those scores on tests on this site.(i get similar ones on other online)(I would like to hear opinion from someone,although I’m thinking to go to do the test:) )

        • Zdravo Slobodan !
          Slazem se sa tobom na pitanju 32.
          Mislim da Mensa test bice lako za tebe.
          Nicolas (mali poliglot)

        • What do you think about item 35? It is less difficult, like the logic of previous questions…

          • Yes, it is very beautiful-solutions through a weakening of motives and binding new ones.

        • Item 34: I have summed the end-points of all 3 lines into « zero result » (« edge-symmetry ») and « become » a « vibrating string-mode » which can be an arbitrary non-zero combination of squares not characterizing any single end point (anchoring) of any of 3 individual « strings » including a superposed one. This result is logically a strongest one as observed from the existence of some process point of view.

  4. I have just tried Matrix B test. I have missed 5,6,7,10,12,13. At least four of them are many-solutions system. Another could be eventually accepted as compared with the ingenious Raven II.

      • In the every matrix row the object of the given shape is changed. This shape is preserved with respect to « one transformation structure »:while in the first two rows its « thinkable » orientation is preserved, the position is changed. It the thirth row its position is preserved, but its orientation is inversed. This is not a complete « transposition symmetry » as given by the fact that two colours is not a single one colour. – This my logic is however very weak.

        • MatrixB
          Item 15
          Hint : in the first line, there are three little matrices in which the two red squares move from top right corner of the little matrice in zig-zag …

  5. Hey admin!!! Can I trust these IQ tests, if I’m respecting the time, or do you think there would be something different from these tests to the ones I can make with psychologists.

    • Only supervised IQ tests done with professionnals are valids.
      In this site, you can juste have an idea about your IQ level (by taking 2-3 tests and compute the average score).

  6. Can somebody help me with this one?
    The problems which I can’t solve are 27,33,34,35,and 36.For item 27 and 33 I have few ideas,but none of them gave solution,for 34 I think the answer is 5(because of lines in second column),for 35 it may be 6,but I think it isn’t(numbers of lines are same in each row) and I guess 1,8 as solution for 36.

  7. Hi,can somebody help me to solve 33,35 and 36 item on this test ?I think that the answer for 34 is 5,because of lines in second column(they change position of objects(from first column) in third column).For 35 it could be 6(numbers of lines are same in each row)but I think that there is stronger rule.

    EN VEZ DE 80

  9. Did you click on score button when you typed answers in empty fields?:] If the another window opens when you click on that button,just close it :] I saw my score :]

  10. Hi admin! How higher had you scored in iqspot tests? I found it much harder than matrix ones…

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