18 thoughts on “Placement-D IQ Test

  1. Adm,
    15 hits is equal to an IQ of 129 or 130 or what?

    I appreciate your work, thank you for all that good stuff that you made for us!

    Best regards from Brasil!

    • It is just a placement test.
      You must take at least 3 valid IQ Tests to get a good estimation.

  2. Hello,
    My IQ calculation script is already weighted.
    If your score is equal to the ceiling and if there exists another score above it, the first score is not taken into account.
    1/ Correct
    2/ Maybe (not sure)
    3/ Correct !
    If your IQ is above 130, do not lose time with modest IQ tests limited to 145.

    Dominoes test is the best test available on my site.

    Matrix-C is really difficult but I assume you are accustomed to matrices principles :-)
    I consider you can « learn » matrices principles much efficiently than items of type « find the odd-one out ».


    P.S. I am forced to close temporarily the comments because of very bad and repetitive behaviors of a few users…

  3. I do not see how you can possibly claim accuracy on any of these test. How do you explain that the vast majority of these test have an average scorE in the 120s? Are they normed? Have you given the same test to a large amount of people and deduced the corresponding iq to rAw score from there?
    I credit your ability to design interesting and challenging puzzles that serve as a great form of entertainment but I strongly question the validity of these test

    • As already explaind in other comments, the average score of 120 is not that surprising according to multiple attempts and psychological profile of those who like taking challenging tests.
      Tests are normed by correlations with the Dominoes test.
      rem : I recently removed the scoring for Logic-D because there is no strong correlation with other IQ tests.

    • Try reasoning in lines.
      Add symbol from object1 to symbol from object2 to discover symbol of object3.
      Clearly a difficult item which requires strong working memory.

      • Thanks you for your reply! Although this logic seems to not hold in the question case, for instance, you can get the circle with brown lines inside in two different combinations of object one and object two depending on the row you check:

        Row 2: (Brown) = (//) + (=)
        Row 3: (Brown) = (||) + ( )

        So these 2 statements are in contradiction and thus I discarded such rule. I know that in the answers set there is no ( ) option, but still, that object 1 + object 2 gives object 3 in the line, does not solve this problem (or does not mean that obj1 + obj3 = obj2) and we had no previous info about what would be the result of (||) + (brown) = ?

        Again, thanks for the tests!

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